Gigil (ghee-gill) is that feeling you get when you see something cute. But it's next level kawaii cute, cuter than cute af that you want to squeeze it and die because it's so annoyingly cute! It's an old school Filipino word used all the time to describe cute kids.

HI! I'm Corazon (but I go by Cory for short) the owner and creator of Gigil Clothing. Growing up as a 2nd generation Filipinx Canadian in the 80s/90s, there was hardly any Filipinx representation around. I learned the culture through my family, going to big Filipinx parties, experiencing it through our customs and food. 

When I had kids, there was still a lack of Filipinx representation and had the idea of creating a clothing brand, inspired by all the things near and dear to me growing up. When people see Gigil Clothing, I want them gigil because they feel seen.

Thanks for choosing to support Gigil Clothing

In Kapwa,